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Empowering Industries,
Nationwide Solutions

Our Story

Founded in June 2005, Janglo Trading and Construction (JTC) is a distinguished enterprise specializing in the provision of stationary electric compressors to esteemed manufacturing companies within the province of Cavite. Leveraging its exceptional performance, JTC successfully obtained authorization as a nationwide dealer of construction tools within a commendable span of three years. Subsequently, JTC expanded its scope and undertook the responsibility of supplying an extensive range of products, including generators, jackhammers, water pumps, compressors, and more, to water companies across the entire nation, accompanied by an array of comprehensive services.


Expertise & Experience

With a proven track record and a team of skilled professionals, we bring a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within our domain.


Quality Products & Services

Our rigorous quality control measures guarantee that our clients receive reliable, durable, and efficient solutions that meet their exact requirements.


Comprehensive Support & Solution

With our unwavering support, you can navigate challenges with confidence, streamline operations, and maximize your efficiency and productivity.

Angat Water District

Janglo Trading & Construction provides quality services with accuracy and timeliness of invoices. They’re capable of responding promptly to changes in requirements/orders and urgent requisitions. In terms of meeting schedules and promised delivery dates they’re very consistent. The pricing is reasonable and the salesman staff are competent and highly skilled in communicating. You can tell by the way they follow policies, procedures and standards for performance and reporting they are committed. Plus, they cooperate and teamwork to result in responsiveness, support and approachable personnel and/ or management. 


Therefore, Janglo Trading & Construction supplies and provides high quality services, quality assurance standards, database, modern machines and equipment.

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