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Handheld Pneumatic Tools

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Handheld Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic tools pack lots of power in a small machine: perfect if you find yourself working in cramped spaces or overhead. You’ll also find our hydraulic tools tackling emergency interventions in high dense traffic areas and airports . Clever design, with few moving parts that are continuously lubricated, means minimal wear and little maintenance. Their closed-loop design keeps out dirt
and moisture, so no job is too rough for these tools.

Pair your hydraulic breaker up with a compact power pack, available in fuel and electric versions and you are ready to take on any job.

• Flexible and compact system
• Excellent power-to-weight ratio
• Suitable for indoor use, in any
condition and even under water
• Continuous lubrication for minimal wear
• Few parts and completely closed-loop


Petrol Driven Tools

When you have to be prepared for almost any situation, whether it’s cutting, breaking, compacting, driving, drilling or splitting rocks, the Cobra is your ideal workmate. It’s made for small, quick-fire jobs and is perfect for working in remote, inaccessible locations – making it the go-to product for emergency services around the world.


Grab and go means you don’t need any external power supply. The petrol-driven two-stroke engine can handle multiple applications. The Cobra system is designed to make it easy for you to move fast and in harsh terrain. You can carry it on your back and set-up time is virtually zero. Easy service and reliability are especially important when working in the field, away from workshops.


The Cobra Combi doubles as a drill, The Cobra Combi is a breaker that doubles as a drill. The Cobra TTe is designed specifically for tie tamping and the Cobra PROe is our heavy-hitter.

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