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Service Packs

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Multi-pack kits are the best solution when it comes to machine fleets that require tailored maintenance practices. Atlas Copco provides you with the best option with attractive quantities and prices. Our solution helps you control and manage your maintenance budget, while protection your investment.

  • Cover you complete maintenance needs

  • Save time getting the right parts

  • Minimise downtime

Paroil M

Mineral compressor oil

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Paroil M is a mineral-based, premium-quality oil with a high viscosity index and additives which provide the superior anti-wear and film strength and other performance characteristics necessary for the most critical applications.

Atlas Copco Paroil M is developed specifically to provide high levels of performance and protection for single-stage compressors in low-pressure applications working in standard ambient temperatures between -10 degrees and +30 degrees Celsius.

  • High oxidation resistance

  • Perfect water separation

  • Balanced composition on anti-foaming and air release

  • Top protection against wear

Paroil E

Mineral engine oil


Paroil E is a high-performance engine oil intended for the lubrication of all diesel engines as used in our compressors and generators. It meets stringent quality control specifications to ensure your equipment will run smoothly and reliability.

  • Superb anti-wear and corrosion protection

  • Extremely high oxidation stability

  • Balance composition

  • Protection against the harmful effects of soot

  • Quality lubricant additives

Parcool EG

Engine coolant


Atlas Copco's Parcool EG extended life coolant is designed to meet the needs of modern engines. Parcool EG can help prevent leaks caused by corrosion. Parcool EG is also fully compatible with all sealants and gasket types developed to join different materials used within an engine.

  • Premixed solution

  • Best engine protection

  • Assured quality

  • Extended lifetime

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